What is Capcito?

Capcito is a modern financing company providing short-term cash to strengthen your company's cash flow.

Founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors in growth companies, we know all the challenges of managing the everyday cash flow of a business. All too many times, we have been in meetings with the large banks to ask for loans. The concept of Capcito grew from the frustration from all these meetings, because the banks tend do say no all too often.

With Capcito, we aim to channel more risk-willing funding to small and medium sized companies, all around the world. Starting point is Sweden.

By advancing funds with your company’s invoices as security, we can free hidden cash in your company. We allow you to do this on individual invoices by advancing 60-95% of the invoice amount. You can also choose a basket of invoices, replacing old invoices with new ones as needed. With this our offering can be compared to a credit line or an overdraft. Money borrowed can be adapted to your needs at any time. Consider Capcito as your tap for funding, to be turned on and off when preferred.

Our difference lies in the following:

Accessibility and convenience

No need to spend time in meetings, bringing old binders with accounting paperwork or preparing business plans. Use your time on running your business and leave the rest with Capcito.

An offer within minutes

By providing easy access to your cloud based accounting, we use computerised algorithms to make a swift credit assessment on your company and invoices (i.e. your customers) and share an offer with you within minutes. Thereafter, you may choose how much you wish to advance and borrow. 

No hidden fees

No hidden fees and our charges are comparable to those offered by banks when having an overdraft.


Capcito Finance AB (Org number 559001-5185)
BOX 7527, 103 92 Stockholm