How much can I borrow?

We conduct a credit assessment based on the overall quality of your business's current financial status and the credit quality of your customers. Thus, a business with a weaker credit score but with financially strong customers can be approved.

The following is required to see an available loan amount:

  • Your business has a reasonably sound credit score
  • Invoices are due in more than seven (7) days
  • Your customers are Limited companies with a certain credit quality. Invoices to consumers and other types of companies operating under personal liability are accepted to some extent but with a lower loan to value percentage).
  • You have invoices of the size SEK 3,000 or more (invoices below a value of SEK 3,000 are not valid, contact us for a special solution if you want to discount a large volume of small invoices)

The amount that can be advanced on an invoice or your full accounts receivables is in the range of 50-100%.


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