I have an available amount – what happens now?

How much does it cost?

The interest level varies between 1 - 2,5% per 30 days. Between 50-100% of the underlying invoice value can be advanced, depending on the credit score on your company and even more importantly, your customers' credit quality.

Note that interest is paid only for the amount borrowed at every point in time, and the loan can be increased or decreased as often as you like. Therefore, the cost of using Capcito is usually lower than other financing alternatives, even if their nominal interest rate is lower.

Pricing is also based on your history and volumes. The longer you use Capcito and the more you use it, the lower the fees become.

Why do I need to place a text on my invoices?

Placing a text on your invoices is necessary in order to pledge your account receivables. Pledging your accounts receivables means posting your invoices as collateral for the amount you borrow.

Capcito notifies your customers of this action by adding a line of text on your invoice stating that this invoice has been pledged to Capcito. We have two models of our product:

  1. Your clients pay via Capcito’s bankgiro
  2. Your client pays the invoice to your account as usual, after which you repay the loan to Capcito.

Which model is available to your firm is communicated in connection to your application.

How soon can I start borrowing?

The first time you apply for a loan with Capcito, it usually takes between 1-3 working days before the funds are in your account. 

Once your are a client we usually pay out your loan within 24 hours.

If you want to borrow against invoices that are already sent out to your customers, we have two options, given that due date is more than 7 days away: 

  1. We inform your customers that your invoices have been pledged to Capcito
  2. You provide some other form of security for the loan until you’ve invoiced with Capcito’s pledging text. This can be a personal guarantee or guarantee from another firm. 

We also verify that the work you’ve invoiced has been delivered/carried out, if you invoice in advance we can unfortunately not offer you financing. This process can take between 1-5 days and is dependent upon that we reach your customer.

We’re always doing our best to make sure this process is carried out as fast as possible to meet your financing request. Once we’ve established a relationship, we usually pay out your loan within 24 hours.



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